Thursday, July 10, 2014

Central Park Zoo

The sea lions are always the main attraction!
We didn't even watch the show of feeding them, but we were mesmerized anyway.

 Having Yia Yia there made everything 10 times more fun and exciting!

 Everett wants to feed the sheep, goats, and llamas, but always gets nervous, does a little giggle-jump, and drops the food before the animals can actually lick it out of his hand. Which is kind of a relief from a sanitary standpoint.

Alice still doesn't quite get ice cream. She actually hasn't really responded well to anything sweet yet.
When we've given her chocolate, she reacts with a sour face, so I think it tastes bitter to her. We'll give her cookies, and she'll happily hold them, but never actually eats them. When she takes bites of ice cream she immediately recoils, so the cold probably freaks her out before she can even really get the taste. I know there are people out there that don't like sweets – prefer savory tastes – but I simply can't imagine any child of mine not liking chocolate! That would be an abomination! I'm sure she'll grow out of this odd, rebellious phase. 
And in the meantime, we'll just accept that it's just more for us.

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