Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach day-trip

Everett talks a lot about our trip to Mexico. He talks about swimming and the beach and how much he wants to go back. So when we told him we were going to the beach he was really thrilled, but kept asking if we were going on an airplane to Mexico. It's only a short 30 minute drive to Jacob Riis, and as soon as we walked out onto the sand,
Everett gasped "Oh, it's New Mexico!" Which is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

 Just look at that expression! 

 We spent a lot of time playing tag with the waves and eventually got enough courage to get chest deep.
Sometimes I really wish we lived somewhere we could do this year-round.

Alice, on the other hand, had a more subdued energy. Under the towel, propped up in the chair with my hat, her sunglasses, clutching the soccer ball, not really moving at all... she gave out a real "Weekend at Bernie's" vibe. She didn't move from under the towel on the chair the entire morning, and at times we weren't sure if she was even awake (she was). And she was happy as a clam. She did a lot of babbling and singing and giggling to herself, and honestly we were just happy she was happy. And in the shade.

 Eventually Everett got pretty worn out, too, curling up in a towel for a snack and a rest.

 But not too tired to build a sandcastle!

 Once we got all packed up Alice finally got her toes in the sand.

 For some reason, this reminds me of a 1940s pinup photo.

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