Sunday, July 13, 2014

All about Alice

Cheeky is probably the right adjective to describe Alice. She's pretty much always got a sparkle
in her eye and a bit of a playful attitude. Fun loving, always looking for an opportunity to make jokes and
dance (wiggling her shoulders with her tongue in her cheek is usually her go-to move).
She's always very happy to play with her brother's trains, dinosaurs, blocks, and trucks,
but plays dress up at every opportunity. A girly girl, she's constantly trying on my shoes
and draping things over her shoulders and saying "Pretty dress, put on?"
These days she loves taking her box of hair clips ("fow-wers"), carefully placing it in front
of her and systematically removing each one, placing it outside the box...
and then putting them all back one by one... and then doing it all over again.

 The summer sun has given her hair the most enviously beautiful caramel highlights.

Sometimes we call Alice a hoarder because she has a knack for wanting to hold everything in her arms. She'll have her bunny tucked into her elbow, and grab a book, and her milk, and a ball and... eventually she ultimately drops something and when she tries to pick it up she drops something else, and it's an endless effort to carry all the things she wants and she gets so frustrated because she just wants it all. It's super cute.

She still has those delightful, kissable thigh rolls.

 At any given moment Alice can be found wearing her rain boots and typing on the computer.
Sometimes she even wants to trade, trying to put the rain boots on mommy so she can wear my shoes.
Especially if they're heels. 

Playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed is Alice's new absolute favorite activity.
We've actually had to pull the baby gate back out to keep her from going up the stairs,
because inevitably we'll turn for a second and she's climbing up, saying "mommy daddy bed,"
moving purposefully and very fast and nothing can deter her spirit.
When we eventually cave in and toss her on the bed, she'll swing her feet under the covers saying "go to sleep"
or "goodnight, bye, bye" and blow kisses. At a certain point, she'll roll to the other side of the bed, get the baby monitor
("phone"), have a brief conversation, and end with a swift "ok, bye."  It always ends with her taking a jar
of lotion off the nightstand, opening it and carefully dipping her finger in and dabbing it on her leg or hand, cooing.

And even though we're so surprised at how grown up she is, how much she can say, do, and communicate, she really is still a baby. At least she still sleeps like a baby, on her stomach, knees tucked under, bum up in the air, and usually a bunny or two pressed right up against her cheek. Every night she insists on "Don't Cry" as a lullaby, so hilariously we're all softly singing Guns 'n Roses every night and she knows all the words. In the quiet parts she chirps "Don't cwy?" with a satisfied, sweet little smirk on her face, and the best part is when she puts extra enthusiasm into singing "chugah" (sugar). And the whole time she's alternate swinging her legs out from under her blanket and kicking up to my face for a kiss on the bottom of her foot.

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