Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alice has started waking only once at night to eat, which means I can get a nice, long 7 hour stretch of sleep. Just furthering her reputation as the easiest baby ever. We keep waiting for her to cry for more than a 30-second burst, but it hasn't happened yet. She loves her bath, giggles during diaper changes and practically winks at us when we wake her up to buckle her into the car seat. Not sure if it's because it's the second time around and we know what we're doing, or if it's her personality, but she's making this so easy on us. She's also taken to her schedule like clockwork, which means I can give Everett his tubby and put him to bed every night as usual. Lately he's wanted an extra long session of splashing around with Monkey and a super-extended pre-bed cuddle period, and I'm only happy oblige.

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