Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The last few weeks have been a bit of a mess. First Everett got the flu, which transferred to everyone else in the house (save the baby, thank goodness). Then we got hit with the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, followed by a nor'easter, and then Everett's flu developed into pneumonia which meant a trip to the ER, chest x-rays and finally a nebulizer. 

It was like an infirmary here, with all the antibiotics, kleenex flying about, the bear shaped breathing apparatus, and who knows what else. We actually had a chart with all the meds Everett had to take and at what time of day, so we could keep it all straight. Marathon Babar and YoGabbaGabba sessions were pretty much the extent of our existence. I think we fried his brain, but it's a small price to pay, because any distraction was a big help. Everett's spirits held up well considering the circumstances, although he definitely had some moments of frustration. For good measure, Alice and Wally did some extra napping.

Now we are finally venturing out again, and Everett has perfected running in rain boots. Holding a pumpkin seems to help his technique.

It's difficult to go anywhere in the neighborhood unless we also hit the playground, as per Everett's insistence. He knows where all of them are located, so at every turn he calculates what the potential opportunity is and points in that direction saying "swings?" (well, more like "wee?!") Luckily his YiaYia and Papou's new apartment is just two short blocks away from the largest set of "wees" in the Slope. 

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