Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter is creeping in, making both the sky and the ground more interesting than usual. 
Classic November : some days are freezing, some days are sunny, gorgeous and pleasant to be outside. But either way it's nighttime by 4:30pm. 

Last Saturday we went to a holiday fair on the Williamsburg waterfront. As soon as we got there Everett lost interest in the gift stalls, so we basically went straight to the playground on the water's edge. I felt like the Superhero-mom I'm supposed to be, carrying Alice in the Bjorn and chasing Everett around while Scott perused the vendors, all with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. 

Then I got my reality check when I woke up the next day, in total paralysis from pain, with a herniated disc. I was literally immobile for a week, which made life with a toddler and a newborn... well, let's call it "challenging." It took a full seven days to finally be able to stand fully upright. The irony is that the views from my Dr's office blow Williamsburg away.

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