Sunday, September 21, 2014

Date night in Chania

The drive to the highway is so beautiful at sunset.

 The old port (and old architecture) of Chania is breathtaking.
The patchwork of buildings, tilted, leaning up against one another behind the bay of thick, inky water,
lights sparkling, restaurant proprietors beckoning, locals sipping coffee, and tourists eating ice cream.

We found the perfect dinner place to cap off our kid-free evening. We were going to go to a more chic, more trendy restaurant but preferred this one just a few steps away. Family run, nestled off the last big curve of the port, under a blanket of bougainvillea, with the best food, the best ambiance, and pretty good raki, too. And between the people watching and the family of Austrian-Brits next to us, we were very entertained.

Under a tiny, sharp crescent moon and through the mountains, the drive home wasn't too shabby, either.

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