Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sick toddler + teething infant

Everett has been "suffering" with a cold all week, although the extra cuddling, kisses and love certainly seem to cheer him up. He's also realized that it's an excuse that actually works in his favor when requesting "1 more?
and getting an extra Pingu. An expert manipulator already, he knows how to work us and he's so proud of it, too.

And somehow Everett also manages to find the strength to rally when we suggest the playground, too,
immediately going from weak, pouty, and grumpy to energetic and smiley. 

The two bottom, middle teeth are in! Although you can't see them in this picture, they're there. And the extra drooling, gnawing on everything, and bouts of fussiness are proof that more are on the way. Although I must caveat that "fussiness" means five seconds of meowing a couple times a day – still the happiest, most laid back, and easy baby I've ever met – even though one of the meowing periods occurs at an ungodly, early hour.
But even when Everett tackles her for a hug, digs his elbow into her cheek as he leans in to kiss her face, and smacks her in the nose when overly enthusiastic playing ensues, she does nothing but giggle. 

But between Alice having bouts of teething discomfort that necessitate someone tiptoe-ing upstairs into their room to put her pacifier back in her mouth as early as 5ish and Everett waking up in a sad, sad state as early as 6:15ish, we're a little exhausted. Our usual morning routine has been temporarily replaced with immediate morning cuddle sessions in the dark until Everett feels up for "milk and bees" – bees being code for a game on the iPad – when we can move the party downstairs and start our day a full hour earlier than we're used to waking up.
(Shhh, don't tell him we snuck Mucinex into the cup.)

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