Saturday, January 26, 2013


We needed some reprieve from the freezing cold, and southern florida sounded like the perfect haven. Once we got there, we discovered one tiny hiccup : a red tide had come in and the water line was littered with thousands (yes, thousands) of dead fish. Large, 18" dead fish were piled on top of each other. So it prevented us from getting into the water and swimming in the sea, but we were still able to enjoy the giant sandbox that is the beach. Everett didn't seem to notice one bit (neither did Alice), and swimming in the pool is more Everett's style anyway. Special shout out to Sam and Kristen for offering up the super comfy and spacious Healey family condo, where Everett had "two big boy beds!!"

Everett practiced his general contracting skills, ordering daddy to build sandcastles "one more?!" 
With very specific thoughts on which color bucket needs to be utilized at what time.

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