Saturday, January 26, 2013

 Exactly four months (to the day!), tummy time is getting easier and easier for this little princess.
Propped up on her elbows she can really survey her kingdom and see what's going on around her.
Other new tricks include inappropriately loud cooing and singing, batting at my nose with surprising force,
and giggling at strangers on the airplane.

We found an amazing playground on Sanibel, just 2 miles from our place, and Everett couldn't believe his luck. Curvy slides, rock climbing and tunnels – it puts the playgrounds at home to shame. But even with all these new tricks, Everett still wants to get in the swing and play the game where we try to kiss when he swings toward me. It's still a little early for Alice to get in the swings,
so Everett has mommy's full attention for the swing-pushing-kissing-game for at least a few more weeks.

 Everett was in a tunnel when I heard him squeal with delight "oh – snack!" (which is what we call servings of shredded wheat),
and by the time I weaseled my way into the tunnel calling "nooooo!" (seemingly in slow motion), it was too late.
He'd eaten a piece of mulch. This is him mocking me having told him "no, no, no" and wagging my finger for emphasis.
Apparently he interprets my mad face, stern voice and scolds as some fun game of Simon Says.
The more serious I try to look and sound, the more hilarious he thinks I'm being.

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