Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh yeah – we have a baby girl

It's as if it hits Everett like a ton of bricks. He'll just be going about his business as usual, running to get the white truck or penguin or some toy on the other side of the room, and then stop in his tracks, turn around, run over to Alice and just stop and stare at her. Sometimes he'll pat her hair or give her a kiss or say "baby" in his sing-song-y voice. Sometimes he'll bring her a blanket or pacifier. But it only happens about once every couple days – 99% of the time it's as if he doesn't really notice her.

But the crazy thing is that it happens to us, too. We'll just be going about our business and then
kinda' stop and go "oh yeah... we have a baby girl. This little person wasn't here before and now she is." 
We're so busy and wrapped up in what we're doing we forget to really stop and be amazed.

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