Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday mornings

We have a nice little routine in the mornings, heading to Yia Yia and Papou's apartment 
(107 PPW) for a little breakfast snack and coffee on our way to the playground. 
Actually, most of the time, Everett is happy skipping the playground altogether, preferring 
to spend the entire morning eating cookies and playing with his airplanes at 107 PPW. 

With access to the most sympathetic audience, Everett has taken this past week as an opportunity to further develop his manipulation techniques. He's perfected a pretty sophisticated act of squinting his eyes, raising one finger up by his face, turning the edges of his mouth downward, furrowing his eyebrows, and summoning a very faint, weak voice to request
"One more? One more crackie?" 
(cookie and cracker and cake have all become one word)
Based on his delivery, you'd think he was Oliver Twist

And in the evenings Yia Yia and Papou come over to our house just in time to catch a bit of
The Fox and the Hound or Dumbo before we all have dinner together. 
The perfect bookends for our day.

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