Thursday, December 4, 2014

Raising them in a barn

Put a kid in an open field and it's guaranteed they'll run. Run, run, run.

 Everett played with this toy snake all day, not letting go of it for a second,
and it was the perfect companion out in the tall grass, hissing at everyone who came near.

 "Close your eyes and count to ten!" is Everett's favorite directive these days.

I see you!

 Apparently, when you live in Texas, you keep a spare kite in the car, just in case you find yourself in an open field on an unusually windy day with a dozen curious preschoolers to entertain.

Alice walked around with the menu for an hour, burying her nose in it and pouting, as if she couldn't decide what to order for dinner.

 I had forgotten how beautiful it can be out here. Sky for miles.

On the way home we saw a family of deer gathering outside the neighborhood gates. One stood still as a statue, even as we pulled up close. Being that close to them and watching them scamper off was the perfect cap to a perfect day.

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