Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunset walks

We took a lot of evening walks. Most days we'd be out by the pool and notice the colors in the sky
start to change from bright blues to quieter tones of lavender, the hills turning pink, the reflections in the pool
turning turquoise. So, that was our cue, and just as the sun was about to go down, we'd go out to explore.

 Just walking down the bumpy road in front of the house, admiring the view and the flowers and trees
provided a source of endless enjoyment. Grass taller than Everett! Walls to balance along! Vines to inspect!
Flowers to smell! The buzzing of bees!

 I don't think any of us have ever seen rosemary so long it falls over the full length 15' tall wall
and covers the entire facade with a full, thick sweep of pretty, tiny, periwinkle flowers.

The little valley under the road of the property had a secret-garden feel.
We'd run through the stones all the way to the back, to the fig tree, to inspect (and eat!)
the fruit that had fallen to the ground.

 And rocks, too.

Of course running through the thorns, we'd always wind up with tiny scratches all over our calves,
but nobody seemed to mind.

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