Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm kind of obsessed with this picture. It's so Alice: unruly hair, soccer ball in hand, and a rebellious little attitude.

When we left the house to go to Sydney's party, I had Alice in a very practical play-friendly outfit, knowing the kids would be climbing and swinging and digging in a sandbox. At the last minute, though, Alice insisted on putting on a pretty dress. So, ok, no problem, the t-shirt came off and the pretty, floral, petticoat dress went on over her leggings.
After about an hour of play, Alice wanted to take off the dress... and remain topless. I'm not sure if it's because many of the kids were in bathing suits and she wanted to be like them, but she really just wanted to be in her leggings and nothing else.

 This little playhouse is a big hit: going in it, coming out. Opening the door, closing the door. Looking out the window, crouching under the window. Running around it, hiding behind it. Shoving Alice in, yanking her out.
Endless possibilities.

So many great kids and parents, delicious food, and a homemade rainbow cake!
Inside is basically every toy ever made, so we got to play a piano, build a farm, play dress up and build puzzles. Sydney's house is a veritable paradise and Everett keeps asking when we're going back.
Happy 5th birthday, Sydney!

 The backyard is to die for. Big enough for a deck, a patio, a playground, a water slide,
gorgeous landscaping, an herb garden and a swimming pool, it's a garden of eden, indeed.
I'm glad Everett took the responsibility to chip in and mow the lawn while we were there.

When we drive to Westchester we take the highway through Queens and the Bronx, and we get such
an amazing array of activity out the window. Everett was shouting out almost at every second:
Crane! Another crane! Digger! Manhattan! Bridge! Train! Towers! Mack Truck!
Taxi! Empire Snay Bewdine! Chwyswer Bewdine! Another Bridge!
There is just so much to see!
And finally the landscape changed and it was clear from the view
out the window that we had gone from the city into the countryside (well, suburbs to be accurate).  

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