Saturday, June 14, 2014

Family Pictures

 Since it has been 8 or 9 months since our last family photo session, we thought we were overdue.
Both little ones are totally different kids than they were last September and have grown so much!
We know it's a little ambitious to hope that all four of us will cooperate, and Alice started off with a bit of a grumpy attitude.

Thank goodness we just happened to have two of our kids' favorite things stashed in the stroller: a balloon for Everett (from Lucy's birthday party the day before) and an apple for Alice.
Quite possibly each of their absolute favorite items, literally, and neither kid let go of either item the entire time.

Everett carried this Polaroid around the entire day, in his shirt pocket for safe keeping...
until bedtime when we put on his jammies and there was no pocket. It took a lot of convincing,
but finally we agreed that it would be ok if we didn't sleep with the picture.

 How classic: Parents are smiling dutifully, Everett's lost interest, and Alice is completely fed up.

 But give Everett an ice cream, and not only will he drop the balloon,
he'll also be more than happy to pose for more pictures.
(I think we gave him two in a row!)

 Alice loved sitting on this bench! It finally perked her up and she had so much fun sitting on it, kicking her little legs, giggling at the butterflies flying around, and watching Everett climb rocks.

Thanks so much to the talented Brooke Fitts for capturing our unpredictably precocious family
and the bucolic beauty of Central Park:

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