Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm remembering how sweet this age is. Giving kisses, blowing kisses, waving hello and goodbye, drinking from a cup and beginning pretend play with stuffed animals, Alice is starting to become a real person. She's always smiling and laughing, and loves to dance and sing, always trying to coax songs out of us. Then she'll put her finger to her lips and say "shhh". She says Hi!taxi and pumpkin and calls every dog Wally. She also says mommy and daddy – I guess hearing her brother call our names was more influential than our simplified versions of mama and dada. And even though Everett is always shouting "no, Alice, no!" when she crawls toward any of his toys, he does talk to her constantly, holds her hand in the stroller, gives her hugs (well, tackles her and then lays on top of her).
She not walking yet, although she pulls up on everything and can stand pretty well. And she eats everything in sight. Once you put her in the highchair and approach with a bowl and spoon, she does a little dance of anticipation, kicking her feet and wiggling side-to-side, her eyes wide, her lips puckered. It's adorable.

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