Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow bunnies

Friday was a hectic day, with warnings of a blizzard coming in and everyone scrambling to get out of the city as early as possible. I had a video edit to finish up, and ended up at the editing studio later than planned, but was able to make it back to Brooklyn before the weather got too bad. The blizzard came in Friday evening, and snowed all night. When we woke up Saturday morning, everything was blanketed in about 16". We spent the entire day inside being lazy and staying warm, watching Winnie the Pooh and drinking hot chocolate. We didn't venture out until Sunday morning, when the streets were all clear and the sidewalks were shoveled with paths wide enough for all of us to get to the park.

Everett didn't catch on to the term "sled," instead opting to ask for "more blue boat?!"
He and daddy did about 50 blue boat rides down the small hill and 20 down the big hill.

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