Monday, February 18, 2013

Museum of Natural History

 We pretty much totally blew Everett's mind today with a trip to the Museum of Natural History.
We went in through the somewhat hidden side entrance at the Planetarium (no line!)
and walked straight past what Everett identified as moon, space and cockpit (ummm... eerily accurate,
little man, bravo!) and went straight to the magical 4th floor where the dinosaurs live. Both the collection
and presentation is remarkably impressive. It's very well organized and very well done. If you get there right
when they open, like we did, you can get ahead of the crowd. For the first hour there was plenty of space
to hold back and let Everett kind of ricochet off all the exhibits, but with no danger of
him careening into anyone and easily keeping an eye on him. 



 As you can see, there was lots of pointing – big DinosaursBig Babar! (errr, wooly mammoths)
Big FishBig Birds! Big Teeth!
Sometimes, just as interesting as the 20' tall T-Rex, was the Big Rock! it was standing on.
Lots of Big Rocks. Everett got so hopped up, he was lunging at dioramas, running in circles, stabbing his finger in the air every which way, and practically foaming at the mouth with enthusiasm. To cap it off, we grabbed a hot dog and a pretzel from the vendor out front. Not sure how we'll ever top today's excursion – this one goes down in the books.

*Alice was totally unimpressed and slept through the entire experience.

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