Saturday, January 26, 2013

The end of the year

Everett has advanced to a big-boy-bed, and he loves it. He gets so excited about it, and runs right to it, jumping in and under the covers every time we go in his room. He really loves it. For the most part he stays in and waits for a grown up to come and get him (as per the rule), but in the past couple months or so since we made the switch, we have had a couple violations. 
One morning, around 7am, Scott got out of the shower and heard music coming from the office. He peeked in the door and saw that Everett had climbed out of bed, opened his door, snuck down the stairs, creeped into the office, found the iPad, opened Netflix, turned on Dora, and was sitting on the sofa watching it happily.

Right after his nap is still his best time : he's in a great mood, all smiles, super chatty and playful, and cuter than ever.
I hate that I miss the chance to spend that part of the day with him five times a week.

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