Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bye-bye beach. Bye-bye palm tree. Bye-bye bucket. Bye-bye condo.

The last night in condo – celebrating with spaghetti and toast for dinner. A veritable toddler feast.
Everett was sad to leave but legitimately eager to get back homeWe promised we'd come back
to the beach sometime, to which he replied "palm tree, too? Bucket, too?"
Yes, sweets. Palm trees and buckets, too.

Everett delights in the fact that Alice is beginning to react:
She tries to hold his hand back! She tries to take the toy he gives her! She smiles back at him!
He gets so excited at any response, laughing and looking at us like "are you seeing this?" And when he discovered
he could make her laugh, it was as if he discovered gold. You can tell he can't wait to play with her.

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